Friday, January 6, 2012


The sun came out today.

It brightened up this normally dark corner.

I stopped at Goodwill yesterday and found these pillowcases.  Love!

On New Year's Eve, I rode with Mom and Dad to Ohio.  Dad wanted to check out a camp he may rent for a few days this summer.

Buddy went with us!

I'm still having a hard time believing they have a house dog.  He's their baby, that's for sure!

~maiden name~

We ate at Perkins.  These are their bricks.

That's it, that's all!  Have a great weekend!


Pam... said...

How fun to get such a pretty deal at Goodwill. I wonder who would have let them go?
It must have been nice and homey to go on a little trip with your parents. I did that for the first time as an adult, recently. It really was relaxing.

Hope he liked the camp.

Dawnie said...

Always love your misc. That Buddy is so cute. Maybe they will take Buddy, you can take Rocco and Jodie can take Mokey, Bear, and Checkers! Wouldn't that be a riot?? Have a great weekend too!!!

Michaelanneneal said...

Sounds like a fun trip:) Nice to hang out with your parents!!!!!! Your thrify finds leave me a bit green with envy:))))) In a GOOD way! XO

Rhonda said...

You crack me up!