Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's January

And this is January.  Have you heard of the actress January Jones?  Well, this is the rug, January.  January is made from thrifted t-shirts.  My daughter has already claimed January for one of her friends.  That's right-not her friend's mother, her friend.  Who's the cool mom now?  (Ummm-probably still not me.)

Here's another birdie photo.  I think this is a Dark-eyed Junco that I've been seeing at the feeder.  God don't make no junk, but He does make Juncos!
Have a lovely day!


Rhonda said...

Wow-you're really busy blogging lately. You are the cool mom! January is very nice - the colors are great. You are so witty with your Junco comment :-)

Anonymous said...

that bird looks like me.

Anonymous said...

January is quite LOVELY!!! The colors are so earthy..YOU are SO generous..Your rugs are probably loved in all corners of the earth:) and you know...You are DEFINITELY a cool Mom..Talented, sweet...and GENEROUS! The little junco is one of my absolute favorites too:)

Dawnie said...

Hey, Cool Mom, I mean, Holly!! That's great that she is appreciating your amazing works of art. January is beautiful and speaking of beautiful, look at that calendar. Oh, Rocco, we miss you. We need to have a Friday night soup night sometime so we can see him again!! Love your fat Junco!!! He is adorable. He would be a beautiful photo on your wall!! Love it!!