Monday, December 5, 2011

Violet, Holly, and Dakota

This is Violet-named for the purple she contains.  This rug is for my niece Jess.  She asked me make her a rug in purple, green, and blue and so I did.  I think she's going to like her-she's even prettier in real life.  Now, the question is-do I give it to her now, or wait till Christmas?  I'll probably just give it to her now.  Violet's made with thrifted t-shirts and some thrifted polyester fabric.

Oh, lookie!  I found another Christmas decoration.  My sister got me this hand painted (I can tell) sign a few years ago.  I think she even got it at Goodwill.  Is that right, Jodie?  I found it in my bedroom on the floor, tucked between my hope chest and the wall.  Now-it's in my living room.

Oh-I got a visitor for a little bit on Saturday.  Yep-Dakota came for a little visit!  Oh. my. word.  What a beautiful, little, fluffy puffball! He has WHITE eyelashes!  Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life???  He is precious!

I hope everybody has a good day!


Luisa said...

Yes he is precious makes me want to reach out and pet him.
Love the Violet rug it's so vibrant.

Dawnie said...

He is ADORABLE!!!!!!!Jess is going to be sooo happy with her new rug. What a wonderful auntie!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! That little Dakota is a heartbreaker!!!! A perfect little snowball at Christmas! Violet..IS LOVELY as well! Vibrant..much like her recipient! and that Holly sign..just perfect!!! Happy HOLLYDAYS:) XO

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Sorry -- your rug is beautiful, but Dakota steals the show! He's precious.

KB said...

I like violet the need one just like that!

I can't wait to me dakota. He so cute!

Rhonda said...

Love the rug and the sign and that puppy is adorable!