Monday, December 26, 2011

It was a merry Christmas

Focus, Holly, focus!  (I loved this, by the way.)

There we go-all ready.

The stockings were hung by thumbtacks with care!

I played with my daughter's Instax before I wrapped it and bagged the film.

Food gifts are great, aren't they.  The English muffin toasting bread and hot cocoa mix were made by my sister, Kim.

Lovely gifts from lovely people.
More lovely gifts from more lovely people.

Even more lovely gifts from even more lovely people.

Hoper sent me this pic of her first cup of Teavana tea.  I asked her how it was and she said-very good!

Rocco had a blast!

I had a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones and I sincerely hope you did too.


Dawnie said...

Very pretty gifts, Holly!! Love all your treasures!!

Val said...

What a cozy and happy Christmas that looks like. :) 'Hope you and yours have a great 2012 too. :)

Holly C. said...

Same to you!

Michaelanneneal said...

I'm so glad you had a WONDERFUL Christmas:) Such a beautiful time of year..We had a great time too:) Here is to 2012..May it be filled with lots of tea and chocolate, crafty inspirations, and furry friends:) Hugs to friend:)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It's hard to believe how quickly it comes and goes. English muffin bread sounds wonderful -- and I have lots of homemade jam for spreading!