Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot tea (and some milk chocolate with toffee and almonds)

Oh, how I love hot tea!  And mugs!  I think I might have a problem.
See this mug?  It's from Little Flower Designs.  It's my birthday present to myself.  Like I said-I may have a problem.  This is a problem I can deal with though. 

Oh, that niece of mine-she has me eating Hershey nuggets.  The ones with toffee and almonds.  I keep them in the freezer.  I like my chocolate frozen!  I need chocolate! (like I need a hole in the head)

Here's the other mug I bought earlier this year from Little Flower Designs.   And I've decided to get out these beautiful journals that I bought years ago and start using them.  Not for journaling really, but for notes and stuff.  I think they are just so darn purty!

Here's the birthday card that my sister, Kim, gave me.  Isn't it cute?  She said that it reminded her of me and my phone!

I'm heading to my mom's in a little.  Have a wonderful day, everybody!  (And thank you for the birthday wishes!)


Michaelanneneal said...

Oh Holly! Whenever I drink tea now, I think of you! lol! I just LOVE your mugs...they are so pretty! and..if you are having a problem with chocolate, I am having a problem with cookies! I have been baking ALL day! I HAVE to test each batch..right????? Have fun at your Mom's:)

Dawnie said...

It's a good problem to have. What if you liked Jack Daniels and cigarettes- see where I'm going with this one, my friend. HA. Tea, sweet mugs and Hershey nuggets are a good problem to have. I LOVE all your pretty mugs and I am going to stop by someday and have a cup o tea with ya!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Based on the name of your blog -- I think this posting is very appropriate.