Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello!  I hope you all are well.

This was the sky on Sunday morning, I think.  Wasn't it pretty???

This is this morning's sunrise.  I thought it was pretty too!

Speaking of pretty-this is my girlie's arm.  She needed shots and a tb test for school.  And yes-she let me photograph her arms-as long as I didn't get her face.  :)

I think these are the first shots she's ever gotten without me!  Waaaaaa!!!  She is scared to death of needles.  (That's probably why she has no tattoos or piercings, not even ears...yet.  She wore magnetic earrings to the prom.)  She was relieved to get them over with.  They still use little kiddie bandaids.  Awwwww!!!

November's harvest-these were growing really close to the house, so that must be what saved them from the freezing temps.

I was making a 2012 Rocco calendar and I came across some pics of my little wee puppy!  Isn't he sweet?  It's so hard to believe he was ever that little!

Have a good weekend everybody!


Dawnie said...

You are never too old for kiddie bandaids!! I can't believe Rocco was so tiny. AWWW! Love your sky pix and lucky you to have a few tomatoes. Oh, a tomato sandwich sounds divine..

Pam... said...

How very sweet. All of it. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awhh! Poor Hope!!! I hate shots too! I don't even like to GIVE them! Starting IV's is kind of fun though:) Its sick nurse humor! Rocco looks just PRECIOUS as a little pup! Kids and puppies..they grow up SO fast!! Have a great weekend Holly! I have Sunday off! Hope the sun is shining here too:)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ohhhhh.....a Rocco calendar. Of course!