Monday, September 12, 2011


It's been a while since I've made a rug.  I've been cutting t-shirts and ripping sheets (outside) here and there, but today was the day-I made a rug.  This is Ivy-named for the green in her.  Ivy is made from three thrifted sheets and it looks like five t-shirts.  Some of the shirts were thrifted and a few were holey ones that were my beautiful niece, Jess's.

I thought about going outside to find some ivy and use it as a prop-but thought better of it, as I didn't want to get into any 'poison' ivy.  I just used my little glass bunnies for props instead.

Here's a photo using the hipstamatic app.

And here's a photo using the shakeit app. 

I'm still playing with my ipod touch.  Why?  Cause it's fun!

Have a wonderful day!


Dawnie said...

Love your newest creation!!! Love your bunny props too, definitely better than getting poison ivy!! I got poison ivy shots this year so I won't get it. AMEN! I am so prone to it. Anyway, love your beautiful rug!!

Rhonda said...

Ivy is beautiful! Looks like you're having fun with your new toy!

Michaelanneneal said...

Awesome..beautiful rug! and...stay with the bunnies! WAY better than poison ivy!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Lovely rugs....I wish I had it in me to make more. I'd love to change things out with the new season. How many have you made in total so far?

holly c. said...

Jodi-approximately 80!