Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is Indigo.  Surely someone, somewhere, has named their child Indigo.  Indigo is made from thrifted sheets and shirts. 

Edited to add:  I found an 'Indigo' as I was looking at a soap website.  Kawinkydink, I guess!

 Today's haul:
I hadn't been to garden for a few days and that's what I found.

 I'd say the garden has paid back the-I don't know-$15.00 I spent for seeds.  I still have tons of seeds left, so next year-hopefully, I'll spend less than that!

Have a good day, everybody!


RHonda said...

I read a book once about an Native American names Indigo - he painted himself blue everytime he went into battle - I think it was fiction though, sorry :-)

holly c. said...

Fiction is just fine with me!

Dawnie said...

Love Indigo! Cool name. Your harvest looks abundant and well worth $15 in seeds you invested!! I wish I enjoyed gardening and especially canning. It would be wonderful to enjoy the fruits of your labor all winter!