Saturday, August 6, 2011

She *hearts* NYC

My daughter was in NYC for three nights last
week and she loved the city!  She (19)
and a friend (18) drove to New York City
all by themselves.  Quite unbelievable to
me!  Although her friend had been there
quite a few time before, so that helped, but still!
She brought me home a giant I NY mug, from
 which I've been eating my Cheerios.  It's huge!

I think I NY too, and I know I ♥ her!

PS-She said NYC drivers really are CRAZY!


Dawnie said...

WOW~ Looks like she had an amazing trip;she took some amazing pix!! Love your mug. She knows what you LOVE!!

Inoureyes said...

Ooo I love her pictures. Hello stranger!

holly c. said...

Hello, sweetie! I just read your good news! I'm so happy for you!

Wendy said...

Hope took really good pictures and the mug she got you was perfect! It's red and big! Adam and I went for a few days before I had Brock. It is lots of fun to visit but I would much rather live in the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly
Thank you for your sweet comment over at my space.
My humble opinion...I think Pa drivers are a bit crazier than NY's. If you're ever in New Jersey you'll get a good taste of both...definitely debatable :)

holly c. said...

Hi Liz-I'm seeing this comment late!

Come to think of it neither my daughter nor myself are known for good driving skills!