Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I found baby robins-in August???  I thought they were done having babies in June.  I guess I was wrong!

Weed (not marijuana!).

I think I know where Pyrex got their color inspiration.

This is 'Crimson' (and clover)!  That's a song, in case you didn't know.  (Oh Joan, it's been a long time!)

Crimson is named for her crimsony color.  There's a girl in our little town named Crimson.  It's also the school color at my daughter's college.  Crimson is made from thrifted sheets and shirts.

I guess the criteria I use for naming my rugs is-the name should be related to the rug somehow and also it should be a name that people actually name their child.

I feel like a little bit of a nutter, naming these rugs sometimes-but maybe I shouldn't.  Hurricanes have names, afterall!  It's quite useful too-easier to keep track of the ol' rag rugs!  There are nearly 80 now, you know.

Here's the list of names since I started naming them.  Before that-there were thirty something no-names.

Forrest, Liberty, Francie, Boris, Skye, Maisy, Daisy, Davey, Flora, Johnny, Apple, Eartha, Pinky, April, Rose, Autumn, Hyacinth, Linda, Americus, Oceana, Berry, Star, Thorne, Marina, Woody, Perry (Winkle), Rachel, Ever (Green), Mae (Flowers), Ricky Joe, Fern, Martha, Kathie Lee, Rusty, Sage, Jewel, George, Ginger, Hope, Willow, Poppy, Pansy, Greyson, Iris, Sapphire, Sunny, & Crimson. 

That was fun!

I hope you have a freakishly amazing day!



Dawn S. said...

I think it's great that you name your rugs! I am a name kinda girl too.
Also, some birds - Robins and Cardinals (I think hummers too)- will have a clutch of eggs several times in the season as long as it's not too late to raise them and teach them to leave the nest.

Have a great day, Holly!

Inoureyes said...

I washed citrus and cinnamon the other day. Hand wash in cold water. I no longer have white in it. I can see crimson running for the hills too!

Dawnie said...

It's so cool how you named your rugs and like a mother you probably remember things about each one while you were creating it. Love your red pyrex bowl and of course your newest addition to the family "Crimson". She reminds me of the colors you LOVE! What sweet bird picture!!