Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice cream maker

Gosh-I think she's pretty!

Starting to freeze!

Getting there!

It's done!

A creamy cone!
Here's a VERY simple recipe for homemade ice cream, one that I can have the ingredients on hand for almost all of the time.  I know myself well enough to know that if I don't keep it simple, I won't make it!

Homemade Ice Cream
For my 1 1/2 quart, electric, Cuisinart ice cream freezer I used:

1 quart of whole milk
1 can of evaporated milk (I had this in the fridge to cool it.)
1 regular sized package of instant vanilla pudding (I want to try banana, chocolate, and pistachio too, sometime.)
1/2 cup of sugar (I tried 1 cup last time and it was too sweet for me.)

Wisk all ingredients together in medium sized bowl.  Pour in ice cream maker.  Turn on ice cream maker and 20 minutes or so later you should have ice cream.

PS-Husband and Rocco love it!


Rhonda said...

Now that looks yummy!

Dawnie said...

That looks delicious!! Banana sounds yummy! I love the retro color. It is right up my alley!