Friday, July 29, 2011

A crocheted chair pad

At the suggestion of my daughter-I made a crocheted chair pad.  Just like a rug-but smaller and much quicker!  No sewing whatsoever involved.  For the ties, I just took two strips of fabric-wove each one through the pad on each side and then tied each to each side of the chair.  Easy peasy!!!

Yes-I only made one-the other chairs rarely get sat upon.  We don't eat here-we are heathens!

I tested it and though I have plenty of built-in padding these days, it did make the chair feel much more comfortable!

Awww-look at the cosmos I found between the weeds and tall grass in the garden.  I had thrown an old packet of cosmos seeds (that I had received in the mail a while ago for some reason) onto the garden when I planted my veggies.  I didn't think the seeds would be any good, so it was a nice surprise to find this lovely flower.

Happy Friday!


Ayana said...

So cute! I just love your crocheted circles!

holly c. said...

Thank you!

Rhonda said...

Oh my, you are a crochet genius! I LOVE that!!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I was thinking of doing the same thing! But, I'm still afraid of hurting my hands again. Love that look!