Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Around my yard

I have two pea........plants that I started from seed.  They are doing very well.  Next year less radishes and more peas!

(The red ball is a garden ornament that I tied the peas to.)

Like seven peas in a pod. 

Aren't they gorgeous?

Here is my one basil plant that I also started from seed.  If you've never smelled fresh basil (which I never did till last year), do yourself a favor and do it!  It smells devine!

This is garlic-which I had pulled out and tried to get rid of for the last several years-and it came up yet again this year.  This year since I was planting veggies in my flower bed, I let it grow and mature and by george-I think I'll have some garlic bulbs soon.  I'm not sure when I should pull it.  Must research that!

Here are some pretty flowers from around the yard.

Finally, this is my big, big boy-Rocco the beautiful Rottweiler!  All 130 plus  pounds of him.

I really should teach him that it's not polite to stick his tongue out at people.

You have a terrific day!


Rhonda said...

Wow-your garden is doing fantastic! I LOVE basil too! I did not get any plants this year and Tanner is missing my homemade summer pasta salad. Must find some!

Wendy said...

At first glance, I thought that red ball was a REALLY shiny tomato! Maybe I will plant peas next year. I love fresh food from a garden!