Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The thrifted, 29 cent, green, pink, & black, wool, handmade & crocheted, granny square afghan

Last week during a quick stop at Goodwill I found this wool, granny square afghan.  I know it's wool because of-well the feel of it and also because the wool fibers are all (matted)  felted together.  Meaning this wool afghan's seen the inside of a washer and dryer a few times. 

Can you see what I mean?  (Click on pic to enlarge.)  I'm wondering how big it was to begin with.  It's lap size now.

Anyhow, this little granny was apparently unwanted because she was marked down to 29 cents. 

I bought her and then brought her home, and then showed her the inside of my washer and dryer.

This is my summer bed.  I put my old quilt on and I have the last 29 cent afghan that I bought at Goodwill at the bottom of my bed just in case I get cold during the night.  Let me tell you, that ~ahem~ colorful, acrylic, hexagon baby is warm!  I love it! 

I just love adding to my quirky, (mostly) handmade, thrifted and gifted, colorful stack of goodness.  It makes me happy!  And happy is good!

Have a great day, everybody!


Anonymous said...

First -- great new header! Second -- how do you find these 29 cent treasures? Can you believe someone would give away such crocheted beauties. Your luck!

-- Jodi

holly c. said...

I know, Jodi! You of all people know the work that goes into each of those granny squares!

Rhonda said...

Love your header too! Also, love your colorful collection - it looks so pretty in your bedroom.

Dawnie said...

Me too=love your header. I'm glad someone appeciates the hard work that goes into making afghans and imagine 29 cents. Well they found a good home now. They will never not be appreciated again!!

Wendy said...

You have so many beautiful quilts and blankets. I keep trying to find a bargain quilt for my bed for this summer. It is now July and I still haven't found anything that has enough brown in it or that would fit my king sized bed. I do like the afaghan though. You were kind to take it home!