Friday, June 24, 2011

Ruler trim

After I finished laying my new vinyl floor,  I needed a piece of trim to cover where my different floorings meet.  I thought to myself, surely there's a way for me to get out of going to a hardware store.  I know!-who dreads going to the hardware store?  Well, that would be me.  So, I started looking around the house for a solution-and I found one in the form of a wooden ruler.  Only I needed 30 inches not 12, so I did need to stop in town to see if I could find more.  The dollar store was out, but Rite Aid had them for a dollar a piece.  I guess I don't mind stopping at drug stores.  :)  I went ahead and got three, so they would match up.

I opened my junk jar and found screws.

I gave them 2 coats of some water based polyurethane I had, last night.  I cut off two of them at 11 inches, because I didn't want to deal with the large hole there at the end.  The other ruler was cut at around the 8 inch mark.

I am The Hackmaster! 

I just used the built in holes and screwed them right to the floor.  I did most of this-this morning, while talking on the phone with my sister.

Tada!-floor trim made from rulers. 

I'll never have to look for a ruler again!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


Luisa said...

Ok that's funny and awesome. That's great the ruler will always be handy. Have a good weekend.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Too cute, and clever too! -Tammy

holly c. said...

Same to you, Luisa!:)

Shari in Pennsylvania said...

I love this idea!! I'll never look at a ruler the same way ever again!! I follow your blog regularly - you always make me laugh and I love your thrifty finds!!

Have a happy weekend!!

holly c. said...

Hello Tammy and Shari! :) :)

Mary ,East Coventry said...

You are so creative! I like the way you look at things and come up with a really great idea.
Your ideas are fun and so appealing.
Thanks for your posts!

Ayana said...

Great idea!

holly c. said...

Hi Mary and Ayana! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Clever. Very clever. I never would have thought to use rulers -- but they work!
-- Jodi

Dawnie said...

Love your ruler idea!! I can't believe you did everything by yourself.. Your floor looks so nice!!

Rhonda said...

Very clever and very funny! You really make my day!