Tuesday, June 14, 2011


::I thought these daisies looked lovely beside this old piece of yellow equipment.

::A good year for blueberries, I think.

::Wild strawberry-you know, last year was the first time I'd ever seen a wild strawberry.

::Daisy next to a yellow raspberry.

::Menacing sky.  (It looked worse in real life.)

::Volunteer petunia-all my petunias are volunteer this year.

::Marigolds I started from seed-they really took off when they were planted outside.

::Cattail as tomato stake-hey it might work!

::I found a robin's nest in my rhododendron bush.  It's pretty high, so I can't see in-but I did see some wee beaks sticking out two days ago. 

::Mama and Papa were not happy when I got near their babies.

Hope you have a good day.  :)


Dawn S. said...

Lovely pictures Holly! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. There's a lot going on in the outside world these days.
- Jodi

Wendy said...

Our blueberry bushes look like yours this year. Last year they didn't produce anything and I think bugs killed them but I checked them today and they look exactly like yours!

Dawnie said...

Ahhh. Love your pix!!