Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you can't take the heat, stay in the air conditioning...

but that only works if you have your air conditioner in the window-which we do now, but we didn't yesterday.  Rocco and I were quite miserable yesterday in the 90 degree temps.  He stayed in the basement all day and I directly in front of a fan.  I was half sick with a headache all day-I'm doing better today.  I know-I'm a wimp!  Anyhoo-this evening when the sun goes down and the humidity is lower-I will attempt to plant my seeds and my plants that I started from seed in the 'big' garden-which is up the hill by our shed and is too far away from our house, if you ask me.  (I really need to toughen up-don't you think?)

Let us give thanks for lettuce.

Houston, we have lettuce.

This is in my 'little' garden-which is right outside my basement door and where I used to plant flowers.  Now-I don't give a fiddlers fart what it looks like and veggies will be planted here for easy and convenient access.  I'd say in a few days we'll be eating lettuce!  I also have cherry tomatoes, a regular tomato plant, green peppers, radishes, beets, peas, green beans, a carrot or two and garlic planted here.

A stepping stone-which I did not make.  (I wish!)

I did venture out at 8PM last night to mow (or make hay!).  I can mow our yard with a riding lawn mower in less than an hour.  My neighbors across the road think it's funny how quickly I mow!  But as you can see (Hello, Rocco!)-I don't do the trimming with the push mower on a regular basis.  In fact, I haven't done it yet this year.  I'll get to it-all in good time.  My yard is very imperfect, just like me!  You know-I kind of like it that way.  

Embrace imperfection-I think that's my new motto!


kj sunflower said...

I love sunflowers, that stone is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love it too!


jk said...

Embrace imperfection - that is a wonderful motto! Sounds similar to mine :) Nice blog!

Rhonda said...

hahahahah - I love it! My yard is the same way!!! Yes, who needs perfect yards? Not me! I like dandelions and weeds, hey, they are green and the dandelions add a touch of color! Although I disagree on the heat thing! Yay, it is supposed to be hot here tomorrow!

Dawnie said...

You better give me a big hug if you like to embrace imperfection!!!! Your garden will be lovely. I am like you, if it's not outside the door, why bother so I am not bothering! Your lettuce looks yummy!! I decided to hit the Farmer's Markets and forgot the garden. If we regret it, we'll try it again next year. We'll see.