Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello, hello

Well, hello Beautiful!  Yes-I'm talking to you-the one in red.  Aren't you gorgeous, Dawling!

Our black, ugly duckling, cordless, answering machine phone was on it's last leg.  It wouldn't dial 3 for the last year or so (which meant I had to go upstairs and get the other cordless) and I swear nearly everybody I want to call has a 3 in their number.  Also, it wouldn't hang up unless it was put on the receiver or hold a charge long.  Sooooo- I was googling red retro phones and came across this red beauty.  No answering machine, no caller id, no cordless-but worth the 38 bucks I spent on her.  Cause, ain't she just sooooooo pretty?  And my sister said I sounded louder and clearer.  And the cord reaches the computer.  And she has an old fashioned ring-brrriiinngggg, brrriinngggg.  And ain't she just sooooooo pretty?   I'll figure out what to do about the no answering machine, no caller id, no cordless someday.

~And just wait until I show you my new ice cream maker!~

PS-It's apparent that I'm no minimalist!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday.

Bye, bye!


Chelsea said...

classic. it suits your kitchen so well!

Dawn S. said...

I love it!!

Dawnie said...

She is gorgous, Dawling!! It is totally YOU!! Red and everything. Very good choice and great price too!! Can we come over for ice cream? I'll bring toppings!!!

holly said...

Of course! I haven't used it yet, but I'm determined to.

Dawnie-Mom and I went to see Minnie today. It was after lunch, so it wasn't a very good time-she was sleepy. But-Rhonda, we talked to Jean. She seemed really good.

Inoureyes said...

Oh it is a pretty thang!

Cindy said...

Hi Holly!! Glad you found me :) I couldn't help myself I guess, i like to blog i realized. just love to take pics too much and play show and tell:)

Love your new phone, so cute. i have an black one like that in our bedroom (not a wall phone) and i love the ring, so old fashioned! i love the rugs you have been making!

Wendy said...

Such a pretty phone! You always find the cutest things for your home.