Saturday, June 11, 2011


~Intentional demolition~

I ripped up my dining room carpet.  What a mess!  But what can be expected after nearly 23 years of abuse???  It was a lot of hard work-moving all my furniture under arrest (that's all my furniture lined up against the walls), then cutting and pulling the carpet and padding, sweeping, pulling staples, sweeping, lifting those carpet tack strips, and sweeping.  I haven't worked that hard in a long time.  Now I just have to wait for my vinyl tile to arrive at my door (Sears-free shipping)-and yes, I'm laying it myself.

All done-for now.
 ~Unintentional demolition~
My window frame fell off the wall!  This happened Thursday afternoon.  Crash, bam, boom!  I don't know why-it's been hanging there for years!  The good news is-the window is not broken and my cabinet didn't break.  Only a few pieces of milk glass from Goodwill broke and it will be easy to find more.

Hopefully demolition in my home is done for now!

Have a nice day.  :)


Dawnie said...

WOW!! You are ambitious, my friend. Can't wait to see the transformation.

Dawn S. said...

Wow! You are a busy gal! I love that kind of work though - so rewarding in the end.

Anonymous said...

You're being ambitious! Send some of that energy my way please....Actually, send some technical know-how too. I wouldn't even know where to begin laying tile.
-- Jodi

cindy said...

wow, that's awesome! i know how hard that was to do and you did it all by yourself? great job! can't wait to see your vinyl :)

Rhonda said...

Wow-I'm so impressed you are doing this yourself!!! I'm sure it will look awesome. Sorry about your broken milk glass, glad it was only goodwill finds and not anything passed down from a loved one! I love love love my new rug! Thank you so much!