Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blast from the past-part 2-baby doll edition

It's apparent from going through these old photos that I brought home from my mom's to scan-that I loved dolls.

It seems I'm always holding one.  Hello Donald Duck!

Gosh-I love this photo.  I love the look on my face, the tinsel on the tree, and the wrapping on the packages!

Oh, look!-a real live baby doll!  That's my sister Jodie.

Here's another real live baby doll.  Hello Kimmie, you little peanut you!

Awwwww-Dressy Bessy!  You were so special-you helped teach all three of us to buckle, button, zip and tie.  Too bad I lost you in high school when we were suppose to bring in a favorite doll for home ec.  I'm sorry!!!

Oh Crissy, how I loved you!  You were my favorite!

You served me tea and cookies.  (I think that's probably why I loved you the best.  It helps that you were so beautiful!)  I wonder where you are now.  Probably at the bottom of a landfill somewhere.   Sorry!!!
What am I saying???  This is my very favorite baby doll of all-Baby Hope, of course!!!

Have a good day, baby!


Rhonda said...

I cannot get over how much Hope looks like you when you were little!! I love pictures from the past!

Dawnie said...

Love all your dollies and your old Christmas pix! You are going to have to start e-baying again so you can find yourself a Dressy Bessy and Chrissy doll. Of course you can find your favorite "baby" just a phone call away. Can't believe how time flies!!

Ayana said...

Wow, you had quite a collection! I loved dolls, too as a kid - which is probably why as an adult I love doll-making. It is like playing with a doll times 10!

Wendy said...

I, like you absolutely LOVE looking at old pictures! Plus, noticing the Christmas tree.... I still put icicles on my tree, just because it makes it look better and reminds me of when I was little.

heatherabarrick said...

i had a crissy and a dapper dan (dressy bessy's brother):) thanks for the walk down memory lane. love your blog! my vintage nuttiness feels right at home here :)

holly c. said...

You know-Dapper Dan sounds so familiar. I'm wondering if we had him too. Must look in old photos or ask family members, cause I can't remember! Thanks for reminding me about him. :)