Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blast from the past-part 1

Sunday, I brought hundreds of old pictures home from my Mom's.  I've been wanting to scan them and I finally started to do it.  I thought I'd share some on here.

First  up-see in the lower right hand corner-it's a photo of our cat sleeping in a play stroller.  But what caught my eye was in the background.  It was my sister, Kimmie's-Tomy Snappy Shots toy camera.  A couple of years ago I was thinking about how much I loved that camera and how when you wet the sponge inside the camera and then put in the fake polaroids-they come out as fake photos when they get wet.  Soooo-I bought one from Ebay-my first purchase from Ebay.  Through the wonder of searching google-I found the name of it, because I had no idea.  And through the wonder of Ebay-I found one.  I think I paid about 10 dollars total.  I was a little disappointed with my purchase though-my fake polaroids have to be soaking wet for the fake photo to appear.  Oh, well-it's all good!

I came across this photo of my sister Jodie and I lying on the bed-of course the sheets caught my eye.  I checked and yep-I have those!

Another photo of Jodie, Kim, and me-again, the sheets catch my eye.  Yep-have those too!  I love you Goodwill!

My dad's employer (from many years ago) owned a hot air balloon.  Dad made arrangements twice for us to go up in it. 

I'm the one in the white pants, and Kim and Jodie are standing on the left.

Balloon's up!  I think we must be in the basket.

Apparently Mom sent the camera with us, because here's our arial view.  See the balloon's shadow at the bottom.  I wish we had pictures of ourselves in the balloon, but unfortunately we do not.

Here we are-three sisters at the beach.  It's me, Kimmie, and Jodie.  We were pretty cute if I do say so myself!

I hope you are having a good day!


Rhonda said...

Oh my, I can see Hoper in your faces! Very cute pictures from the past.

Dawnie said...

Love all your awesome retro pics. How fun!!! You three were adorable!!!Well, you still are. When I go into Goodwill, I always find sheets from my past and they bring back good memories!