Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snow in April

And Rocco loves every minute of it.  He'd stay outside all day if I'd let him and I'd let him if I knew he wouldn't run off.  Since I have to keep an eye on him-I would like it to be 75 degrees with low humidity 24 hours a day, thank you very much!
I named my latest rug-Ever.  Ever Green.  Yes-I've seen Ever and Everly as little girls' names on the internets.  Cute-I think.  Anyhow-I made 'Ever' for a friend.  She has lots of green and burgandy in her house, so green and burgandy it is.  I hope she likes it.  Ever is made with some stash fabric I found in my closet, and thrifted sheets and tees.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Dawn S. said...

Looks like Rocco is having fun but I agree with you - 75 with low humidity 24/7 is perfect for me!!

"Ever" is very pretty!

A Friend on the Farm said...

That is another pretty rug made by Holly!

Dawnie said...

Everly is beautiful! Rocco is hilarious! The boys got a kick out his snow pictures!!!