Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sage, salt shaker, and stuff!

This is Sage.  Named for the lovely green she contains.  Made with thrifted shirts and a fitted sheet (which ended up being a little too small for my bed) with the same print that I used in Fern.  I LOVE Sage!  I mean Sage the rug-I'm not a big fan of sage sage! 

I found this lovely egg-shaped salt shaker at Goodwill for the low, low price of 15 cents.  I think it's the mustardy yellow that attracted me to it. 

Have you ever seen the Simply Breakfast blog?  If you haven't, you should.  But I'll warn you right now-you will be hungry after you are done looking. 

This was my breakfast this morning-oatmeal.  Oh-if only I could take photos like Jen Causey!  I can always dream.  :)

I am quite excited about this-the hummingbirds are back.  Yesterday-I thought I saw a reflection of a hummer.  I hurried up and got the feeder and cleaned it up and made feed.  (4 parts water to 1 part sugar.  Boil 1 minute.  Cool.  Serve.)  I never saw another yesterday.  I was beginning to think it was wishful thinking-but nope-today (although I haven't been able to capture it) I saw a hummer several times already. 

Have I ever mentioned that I love hummingbirds?  Well, if I haven't, I do!

Click on the above image to enlarge.  I think it's cool that the clouds, sky, and trees are bottled.  :)

Have a wonderful day.


Dawn S. said...

oooOOOooo I love Sage - the rug and the herb! LOL The mustard color of the salt shaker is very nice too!

Rhonda said...

Sage has some nice tones to him/her :-). I love that salt shaker. I saw some egg shaped ones at Cracker Barrel, but Dan would not let me get them - grump! :-) There's just something about egg-shaped things that I find cute. Hummingbirds already! Wow-if they made it to Wisconsin, they are probably all dead now because it is still winter here.

Holly C. said...

Oh, that Dan!

The hummers are earlier than last year. I looked back in the archives and they didn't come till about May 21st last year.

Hope you get spring/summer soon!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Yeah hummingbirds! Aren't they fascinating to watch? And as usual, hats off to your rug-making skills. Beautiful.

Dawnie said...

Love your egg-shaped salt shaker. It looks like Fiestaware. Very pretty. Love your newest rug creation!! Isn't it great that the hummers are back. They are fun to watch!!

A Friend on the Farm said...

Sage turned out beautiful. I have to tell you that everytime I go to GoodWill, I try and find something little that speaks to me. This past week, nothing spoke to me, except for a pair of camo pants for Seth!