Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rusty, Rocco, and randomness

Here's Rusty.  His name was inspired by the rusty colors he contains.  Rusty's made with thrifted t-shirts and also two thrifted dresses-one of which I'm positive was from the 70's.

Here's my beautiful dog, Rocco the rowdy rottweiler.  Did you notice how shiny he is?  He had an Easter bath. 

A friend of mine gave me some baby plants-a snake plant (I think) and an aloe.

Here are some pepper plants along with one tomato plant in the middle.  I think they're liking this window.

Here are some more tomato plants.  They're loving the light here.

Here are three prints I ordered a while back from Abby Try Again's Etsy shop.  A splurge for me-but I don't feel so guilty splurging on something from Etsy.   I finally got around to finding some old but nice frames in the closet, so yesterday I spray painted them with flat black paint and then sanded the edges.  At first I didn't like the prints in these frames-but now they are growing on me.

Oh-here's some popcorn-just because!

Have a wonderful day!

PS-Happy birthday to my bro-out-law, Davey!  He's gettin' old.  :)


Dawn S. said...

Rusty is very handsome, and Rocco is gorgeous! I have always loved Rotties. Give him an extra belly rub for me. :-)

Holly C. said...

I will, Dawn!

Dawnie said...

Oh, Shiny puppy!!! How sweet. Love all of your plants and of course, Rusty is beautiful! I think your prints look nice!! And that bowl of popcorn, YUM! I just bought some good popcorn powder in White Cheddar at Riverside. They have other flavors too. Adam likes the Ranch. We love our popcorn.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Only you....tomatoes growing in vintage Pyrex. I love that. This dog-washing business gets booming at Easter-time. Mine got a much-needed shampooing too! She smells so much better.