Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kimmie's Korners

On Saturday, I visited my youngest sister-Kimmie.  I took my camera with me and I asked if she minded if some images of her home (top floor of a house) ended up on my blog.  She didn't.  So-come along for the tour!

The living room

 The dining room

The bed and bath

The kitschy kitchen

The dining nook

The office

The halls

The laundry room

Kimmie's home is so kute!  Very warm and inviting.  I think all who visit that have houses of their own-are a tiny bit envious of Kimmie's kozy top floor 'apartment'.  :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Now I must klean my own korners or take a knap or something.

Have a wonderful day!


Dawn S. said...

What a lovely, refreshing and relaxing home. I love the hombre curtains and the (wall) poppies in the living room! You girls have great taste!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

So I'm seeing a little Pyrex love going on here. Nice. Very nice.

Rhonda said...

Oh she does have a kute place!

A Friend on the Farm said...

Kim has a great place. She has good taste like her sister Holly. I like that you put a picture of her rug in there!

Kim said...

You made my place look so Kute! Love you sis!

Holly C. said...

Dawn-I think the wall poppies came from IKEA.

Yes, Jodi-Kimmie is a Pyrex girl too!

Rhonda-thank you for humoring me!

Wendy-I didn't show the three others she has!

Well, that's kuz your place is so kute, Kimmie!

Dawnie said...

Kim's place is adorable! She has great taste! Love the wall art!! Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I think Kim's kitchen and dining room are my favorite rooms in her place. I think they show off her personality very well. :-)