Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is 'Thorne'.  Thorne is made of 11 thrifted t-shirts and 1 thrifted bedskirt.  And if you look closely at those thorns beside Thorne-you will see they are green and brown. 

This is my spring windowsill.  Things are growing quite nicely.  That is basil on the far left.

That's Rocco-and he looks like he might be saying, "Peekaboo!".  But really he's saying, "But I don't waaaannnnaaaa come in!".

I hope you have a good day!


Dawn S. said...

Thorne is very pretty! and Rocco is as handsome as can be!

Rhonda said...

I really like the colors in Thorne! I can't wait for fresh basil from my garden, but we still have 18" of snow on top of the garden, so it will be awhile, I'm afraid.

cumquats said...

I love your rag rugs. I have a long held ambition to make one... I have watched a ton of Youtube lessons.:-) One day maybe. In the meantime I'll enjoy and admire yours.

Dawnie said...

Love Thorne's colors. Very pretty! Can't wait for fresh basil. What we don't grow, we steal off the neighbors. SHH. Don't tell Judy. HA. Love Rocco's peekaboo picture. What would we do without our babies?