Thursday, March 17, 2011


I named this rag rug Oceana, because-of course-'she' reminds me of the ocean.  Made with thrifted t-shirts and sheets that my friend, Dawnie, gave me-again!

 I like Oceana, but she's not my favorite.

It's turning into a beautiful day today.  And since I have to watch that my pup doesn't run off, I have be outside.  I've been digging in my-(what used to be a flower bed) veggie bed.  I've added ( yippie eye eh!) cow patties from the pasture field and some old coffee.  I'm saving egg shells-I wash them and then stick them in freezer in a Ziploc baggie, then I'm going to pulverize them and add them to the soil.  (All the cool kids are doing it!)  I'm saving my used tea bags too and I'll add them also.
I'll probably let everything die once it gets hot-but right now I'm pretty gung ho.  :)

Actually, there's nothing in there yet.

This is Rocco the Rowdy Rottweiler with a dirty nose and the world's longest tongue!

Say cheeessseeee, Rocco.  GOOD DOG!!!  :)

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Dawn S. said...

I love the colors of Oceana and her name is very fitting. Have fun diggin in the dirt!

Rhonda said...

Oceana is beautiful! I can't believe you are able to dig around in your flower garden-mine are still buried under 2' of snow - no exaggeration!

Holly C. said...

Rhonda-our snow is completely gone! Your snow will melt someday, I promise! :)

Kim said...

Me likey Oceana...can I buy from you? She would look great in my bedroom. I have a pic of the Greek Isles in my bedroom and has that deep blue in it. Also in my curtains.I still need to get you some fabric for my one coworker friend. Or maybe you have one that I can buy...You have enough girlie. hehe. love you.

Holly C. said...

It's gonna cost you, Kimmie!

Love you too!

Luisa said...

I like the colors of Oceana. I like the colors of America too loved the book I just finished Made in USA by Billie Letts she is one of my favorite authors.

Holly C. said...

I'll have to check out Made in USA. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Dawnie said...

Oceana is very pretty! You are quite the motivated gardener. We won't tell Rhonda how beautiful the weather has been!! Love Rocco's pix. He is such a ham!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You sound so much like me it isn't even funny....Letting that garden die when the weather turns hot. Ha. Just my style. And despite your own opinions on this rug, I think it looks great. Quite colorful.