Monday, March 28, 2011

Making the bed-literally

After searching and searching for far too long for new mattresses for my happy camper, I decided to make my own.  The ones I could find online were either not the right size (I needed long and skinny) or too much money for custom made.  So, I got the idea to use memory foam from the Life in a Shoe blog.  I ordered four inch memory foam in the California king size from  It cost 70 dollars with free shipping.

(This reminds me of cinnamon rolls.)

I originally thought I might be able to get away with a single layer-but no-I tried it out this morning and I need it doubled.  So-I guess I'll be ordering another roll.

Here it is all spread out.  (Which takes about half an hour to happen.)

I didn't know if I wanted the egg crates to go in the middle or to be on the outside, so again-I tested it and it seemed more comfy to have them on the outside.  I figured out that I need more than a full sized top sheet to make a sleeve for the 'mattress'.  I had a Ralph Lauren king sized sheet in my closet that I could use.  (I bought it at Goodwill a long while ago for eight dollars, because I thought it would make a nice quilt back.)  So I double it over, sewed one end shut, then the long side, and left the other end open.  I think I'll add some ties to the open end instead of stitching it shut, so I can remove it easily for washing.  I wrestled that bugger of a 'mattress' into the sleeve.   (The nice thing is that I can use that sheet again if I want to by just ripping out my stitching.)

Tada-a bed for my camper!

I made the bed, and then I made the bed I made-haha!
I think these beautiful sheets will become happy camper curtains.  I'm kind of excited about that.

Anyone want to make a reservation to stay at Holly's Happy Camper???

Have a marvelous Monday, everybody!


Rhonda said...

You are so motivated! I just know that camper is going to be awesome when you are done!

Dawnie said...

Me,me,me!!! Your bed looks so inviting. I am ready for camping! They turn the water on in 2 weeks so I am so ready to get camping!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You are the master of innovation! This looks like such a fun project. Like playing house, but better.

A Friend on the Farm said...

I bought the SAME bedding for my camper but mine doesn't look quite as lovely as yours. Mine will have a sleeping bag slapped on the top of it but I am thinking of trying a "Holly" spin on it this summer!