Friday, January 1, 2010

Trying to start the new year out right!

::Gave myself a mani. (Note to self-drink skim milk only-from now on.) (Juice glass from Goodwill, of course.)
::And a pedi. (Note to self-you've got chubby piggers! and start taking better care of your feet-you know it makes you feel better about yourself.)

More notes to self:

::Eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast.(Like you did when you weighed 130 pounds a few short years ago.)
::Drink only tea (of course), skim milk, water, or flavored seltzer water. (Like you did when you weighed 130!)
::Get yourself some new clothes. (This will make your mom and sisters VERY happy.)
::Clean out your purse and car sometime. (For some reason it always makes you feel better too.)
::Try to live in the moment and not wish your life away.
::Be more thankful for all that God has given you, and not wish for something different or more!
I'd say that's a good start! Are you going to try to do anything differently this new year?


Jodie said...

you have moms nails and have cute feet and piggies......and all your resolutions, sound wonderful.....i will second all of about anyone is a great day to start. i love you

Jodie said...

ps i think moms nails and hands are cute...i think yours might be even if i could jus thave them.

Jodie said...

pss jenn had her baby girl....alexis faith...check it out everyone.

Holly C. said...

I'm so happy for Jenn. I'm going to go check it out.

Love you too!

Inoureyes said...

Its a very good start.
I was considering getting married to start my new year off. What do ya think?
Should i give it ago?
Oh and we are starting the new year with a very clean house too. Im still cleaning this smoke smell off of everything!
(the dress and suits are still at the dry cleaners and will be picked up the night before the wedding)
Heres to a smooth sailing new year!

Rhonda said...

Oh, you have adorable feet! You should see mine (not!). anyway, nice mani - I need to do that too - it really does make one feel better. I'm posting some new year's resolutions on mine too. I still have 14 pounds to lose and I'm so burned out with it all.

Holly C. said...

Oh, Rhonda-my other foot is ugly as can be. But I still feel better when my toes are painted!

You always, always look great!

Dawnie said...

Oh, you have adorable piggies and fingies. I was going to do my nails but I chewed them all off watching Travis Pastrana make that midnight jump. Now they are UGLY!! You have some great resolutions, all of which I need to do as well!! Also, have the answer for a clean car. Hit a deer and Nolf's amazingly details it and gives it back fixed and clean. I am thinking I need to hit one every 6 months. HA>

kb said...

You have cute fingies and piggies. they are not a short and cubby as mine. Good resolutions!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Great list....Can I just go ahead and steal your list so I don't have to make one for myself?

Holly C. said...

You sure can!☺