Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today, the sun is shining

I can't resist taking pictures when the sun is shining.
Looks almost good enough to eat!
A new ornament my mommy gave me.☺
Our old pup.
A thrifting find.
Another thrifting find from you know where!

I'm working on my rag rug today. Hopefully, I'll finish it.

Have a bright, bright sunshiny day!


Rhonda said...

It makes all the difference in the world when the sun is shining! I love your thrift finds! You have a way of displaying them and making them look like not-so-thrift finds!

Kim said...

DOn't be mad...I was going to post the same thing on mine today...sunshine...

Holly C. said...

Oh Kimmie-I would never be mad!

Dawnie said...

Love your pix. That ornament your Mom gave you is adorable with all the cute sewing things on. I have a Goodwill cross-stitch with cherries that reminds me of yours. I haven't been to Goodwill in over a week. They probably think I fell of the face of the earth.

Holly C. said...

I know which cross-stitch you are talking about Dawnie and I love it!

If I'm down at Goodwill-I will tell them you are still alive!☺