Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sour cream apple pie

I got the recipe from Alicia.

It's good. Very good.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Hey -- it works! And I'm sure that apple pie has disappeared.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the recipe-I have 4 granny smith's left over from my snickers salad and I was wondering what to do with them (I"m out of snickers).
For the record, I thought the pie plate looked like an apple too!

Kim said...

honestly, I thought it looked like an apple too but i bought it cause it was red and looked cool with the recipe for a cherry pie.

Dawnie said...

Very cute. Looks yummy too!!! You are such a rebel. I know one of these days I'll have to bail you outta jail. Of course, I'll probably be sitting beside you. Maybe Jodie will take mercy on us. If we tell her we'll give her a prize, she will be there with bells on to bail us out.

Holly C. said...


Yeah-Jodie will do just about anything for a prize! Bahahahahahahaha!!!!

dodi said...

I ♥ Alicia's blog! Just made her "no knead" bread yesterday. I would highly recommend it. Especially if it's your first attempt at bread. Easy peasy!! :)

Now for when to make this apple pie... YUMMY doesn't even begin to describe!