Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm sorry, but this is an awesome photo! Taken by Jodie.☺

Can you tell I'm getting all sentimental and verklempt about my one and only child turning 18 next month?

Church really brings on the tears for some reason. I just try to hold my eyes open so they dry before they spill over. (I can't be waving my hands in front of my eyes in church!)

And songs that really don't have anything to do with children-like She-by Elvis Costello (it's at the beginning of Notting Hill-love that movie!)-brings on the waterworks!

Okay-I'm done rambling. Make me feel better-tell me I'm not the only one who does this stuff!

***You can hear 'She' here.***


Sharon said...

Hmmm - where did you learn Yiddish Holly? Since I am an "expert" on crying in church, I will try and sooth your soul by telling you that crying IS a good thing. It shows the depth of your emotion and the passion in your heart:) Also having endured the "turning 18" year four times, you just have to feel the emotions and roll with the punches- no one else in the world knows what a mother endures during these times... However I can tell you what helped me - pamper yourself, keep busy, and I really dove into the women's bible studies at church (if you have time) they were sooooooooo therapeutic!

Holly C. said...

Sharon-You didn't know I was fluent in Yiddish?

Thanks for the advice.

Yes-dummy me one time heard you sniffing behind me in church and I asked if you had allergies and you said yes. Later I learned you were upset about Tyson (I think)! Dah-this was many years ago before I was enlightened.☺

Rhonda said...

Yeah, I cry in church all the time. There are just certain songs that really bring me to some raw emotions. I've learned to come to terms with it - "my name is Rhonda and I cry in church". Ha. Seriously, though, I totally understand your pain. I was a mess for 3 months last year until he graduated, then it leveled off for me. however, I will say that I was more "mean" than I was weepy - but I was dealing with a bullheaded boy!

Holly C. said...

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! I guess I did know that.

Ty bullheaded-now come on! Seems like such a sweetie to me. Hehe!

Jodie said...

ohhhhhhh i have noticed(was gonna tell you that on the phone this morning) but got sidetracked.....ya know.....rambling on about MY stuff. lol......anyway......SHE was my first love......she will always be...although, i have had 2 more loves, she is so special to me. we are so much alike(you and me) and with that said, i think its safe to say, i could be here second mother, just without most of the attitiude, back talking and swear words.....(well, ok maybe she swears to me but not at me)at least i dont hear that. anyway.......the little things are the special things, like pulling her hair up -BEING EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE, if she needs me....sappy eyes are puddling now....ok thats enough.....hey that is an awesome pic...i love the light....light.....its so wonderful.

ohhhh my girl......SHE is our girl and i wouldnt have her any other way.......smooches.

Jodie said...

i love herrrrrrr

Holly C. said...

Me too and you!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm getting very weepy lately too -- my son's turning 18 in February. I can relate. And I love "Notting Hill" -- I own the video and know it all by heart. I especially love the scene in the park when they're sitting on the bench and the camera goes way overhead. And the "She" song is great. We are definitely related.

Holly C. said...

Your son's birthday is in February too? We were starting out as mother at the same time too!

Well-I own Notting Hill too on dvd and tape. I love Julia Roberts and for some reason I love Hugh Grant(only in movies)and I love movies set in England. Don't know why-I just do. I always loved Four Weddings and a Funeral too. Have you seen that one?

Dawnie said...

Oh, Holly, I'm so sorry. You are going through so much. Come visit me or I'll come over and we can cry together. WAAAAAAA. Church makes me cry too. So you are not alone there. I think Remi thinks church is the place you go to when you want to cry since he has seen me cry so many times there. Keep you in my prayers as the Big "18" approaches. Love you. Hang in there!!