Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meg's art tray

It's been ages since I did anything for the Handmade Home Project. (That's a little project where I am going to try to make all the projects in Amanda Soule's lovely book-Handmade Home.) I did make Meg's art tray a long time ago-I just never shared, cause-well, I really didn't feel like I did a good job on it. But it has actually grown on me, and this morning I sanded the edges of my red spray painted tray and I think that makes it look even better.

You're supposed to take your child's artwork (or artwork from old books) and decoupage it to a tray and then you can use that tray for art supplies and so on.

So-I found a couple things I had saved from my child in her younger years. I found a piece of paper with a heart that said I love you Dad and Mom. (She hasn't said I love you in years and years and years. Sad-I know. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!) And I had found a placemat from Eat-n-Park (where we apparently stopped after a day at Idlewild-a young kid friendly amusement park). Also-I found some doodles from my niece, Jessica, and added them to my tray too.

First of all-I found an unattractive tray at Goodwill and brought it home and spray painted it red. I made copies (in case I screwed it up) of the 'artwork', and then cut out the parts I wanted. I watered down some good old fashioned Elmer's glue and with a foam brush adhered the artwork to the tray. Then I went over the whole tray with the watered down glue several times. Then voilá! Meg's art tray.

I have some wrinkles in the paper-but does that really matter? I think not.☺

Here's what the placemat says:
All Kinds Of Feelings

I felt happy when I whet to Idlewild
I felt sad when we didn't get a prize
I felt angry when (we didn't get a prize)
I felt proud when I rode all the big ride

I may not use this tray much-but it has sentimental value and can be displayed and is easier to find than a sheet of paper!


Jodie said...

omg.....that is sooooo swweeet....i love it....and most of all i love it because i was part of that trip to little sweet niece. oh time does fly......sweetness.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Definitely a keepsake forever and ever. I should make more from The Handmade Home. I've done the bath mat and beach blanket. And you know I have a few vintage sheets around. Was this just your own idea to make everything from the book? Do tell.

Dawnie said...

Very sweet, Holly. You are always reminded that you are LOVED, even though it goes unsaid as they get older. Also a wonderful day full of memories at Idlewild. I have never been there. I would like to sometime.

Holly C. said...

Jodi, (one of my sister's name is Jodie)

Back in August last year-I think the movie Julie and Julia come out and I had gotten Handmade Home and I just got the idea to make all 33 projects in a year and blog about it. Kind of like Julie made all the recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I haven't seen that movie yet-but I've heard good things about it.

Just something to do for fun. Hope I don't peter out. I think I have about 25 projects to go.

Rhonda said...

Oh that is adorable. I'll have to make one for Levi and Noah! I like the idea of having it displayed for memories. It would be cute to glue a photo of them making that project on it too! Oh, I'll have to plan this one out! Thanks!