Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's in your dryer lint?

Today is Operation Clean Up Dog Hair Day-the day the lint trap and vacuum cleaner fill up with dog hair! Lovely, yes?


On to a much more pleasant subject-Happy birthday to my good friend Rhonda-who blogs here.

I made a (computer generated) cake-just for you!

PS-I'm only 41!☺


Jodie said...

*ahem......nice dryer lint.....i think mine will be looking alot like that in the future. funny huh?

Jodie said... go get busy with my list takers.

Holly C. said...

What list takers are you talkin' about, woman?

Inoureyes said...

Better to be in the dryer filter than on your clothes. I just recently purchased a dryer and am amazed at what it gets off my clothes. And i dont have any pets that shed hair!

Dawnie said...

Yummy! The cake that is, not the dryer lint! Happy Birthday to Rhonda today!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Holly. Wish I could eat that cake!
You're only 41 for a few more days, enjoy it - wrinkles hit on the eve of the 42nd! LOL
Oh no, that means today for Dawnie!
Wrinkles mean wisdom, right?