Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New books

These are some new books I ordered from Amazon. As much as I hate to shop, I love my Amazon. (You can order practically anything from there-not just books.) Shopping in front of the computer-now that's what I'm talkin' about. I'm constantly ordering from Amazon. If someone's talking about a book on a blog-and if it looks good to me-I order it. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (if her name looks familiar-she wrote 101 Dalmations) is used and was 1 cent + $3.99 shipping. I cannot drive to the library for $4.00. Don't get me wrong-I love the library and I used to go there quite often. But in the last 4 years since I've had the computer-I mostly just buy my books from Amazon. I usually look at all the options and if they are significantly cheaper used, I will try to pick one in good condition and pay the $3.99 shipping. If the new and used are pretty close in price, I will choose the new, because if it ships from Amazon and your order is over $25.00 you can choose free shipping.

Another reason I love to buy from Amazon is that I get rewards from my Visa and I can choose an Amazon gift certificate. I also use Swagbucks as one of my search engines and usually end up with 5 dollars a month of mad money for Amazon. The Swagbucks come a lot quicker when someone signs up under you. (Thanks Jessie and Dave!)

Oh, and bonus!-I get a free subscription to Country Living magazine (the only magazine I have consistently subscribed to for the last twenty something years and the only subscription I am paying for right now). It came with Simple Country Wisdom-which is a Country Living book.

Thought for the day (I am copying this from Rhonda for today): Books aren't clutter-they're art!


Rhonda said...

Hey, Send me an invite to join Swagbucks and I'll sign up under you. I was just reading on it and can see where I sign up, but not if I've been referred.
I LOVE BOOKS! I have a huge Christmas list of books this year!
Love your thought for the day:-)

Holly C. said...

Rhonda-you can click on my left side bar on the search and win button and you will be signed up under me. Or at the bottom of this page you can click on sign up on the Swagbucks widget and you'll be signed up under me. Thanks. I'm excited!!!

Inoureyes said...

Drool worthy books.
I'm no geek or bookworm but books are treasures.
I got told yesterday that i have too many books that are cluttering the shelves.
So i went shopping for another bookshelf.
My man cant expect em to sacrifice any of my books.
I guess he will think twice before commenting next time!

Dawnie said...

Yes, and my favorite reason you buy books-so you can share them with ME!!!!Thank you!!!!!!

Holly C. said...

I agree, books are treasures. Haha-I think that's funny-Don't get rid of books-just get a new book shelf. I agree with that logic wholeheartedly!

Yes Dawnie-I want to share these with you. I try not to give them to Goodwill this time! Doy!

kb said...

books are the essence of life. i just bought 4 today at a book sale my work was having for charity. i donated some and brought some back into my home.