Monday, November 16, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with scraps!

Here's yet another lovely wrapping technique. I copied got this idea from my good friend, Dawnie. (She's an awesome wrapper, btw.)

First-go pick up some scraps from your basement floor-or pick up a pretty sheet from the 15 cent rack at Goodwill. (You don't have to be a person who sews to use this idea.) Second, snip your fabric or sheet with sissors-however wide you want your ribbon to be-and start tearing. Tada-now you have a ribbon for your brown paper packages.

Don't have a roll of brown craft paper? Use a paper grocery bag. Don't have any paper grocery bags? Choose paper not plastic the next time you get groceries.

You're welcome!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh they look so pretty! I know mine would not look like that!

Inoureyes said...

We use brown paper at Christmas. Some get ribbons, fabric scraps. and others the kids potato stamp with Christmas shapes

Holly C. said...

Ohhh-stamps are a good idea!

Dawnie said...

Yours look prettier than mine ever did!!!

Holly C. said...

Not true, Dawnie!