Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alice is my new BFF

That's-Best Friend Forever-(in case you didn't know).

Yes-there's a new company on the web called
I very much dislike shopping (the exceptions are Goodwill and online shopping) and I love things delivered straight to my door. So I'm thinking Alice and I will get along just fine.

When I first saw this website being talked about on other blogs I didn't pay much attention-but then I went ahead and signed up and surfed around and I decided-me likey.

I go to 'other ways to shop' and then to 'best deals'. Or I search, say laundry detergent, and then sort by 'low price'. But still-you need to pay attention to the size of the item. From what I've seen, the prices are comparable to the dollar stores. If there's a coupon out for a product-somehow they take it off.

So, this is my first order:
Dawn dish liquid, ultra concentrated, original (10.3oz)-$1.34-50 cent coupon=84 cents
Puffs 2-ply, white (216ea)-$1.97-25 cent coupon=$1.72
1 Suave invisible solid, powder (2.6oz)$1.73-75 cent coupon=98 cents
3 Bounty basics paper towels, 1 ply (1ea)84 cents-25 cent coupon=$2.27 total for 3

So-plus 35 cents tax and my total was $6.16. Not bad-and these are items I know I will use up.

Shipping is always free, but you must always order 6 items at least. They can be the same thing, if you want.

Now-I was going to blather on about how you can get a 5 dollar gift certificate to for only 20 Swagbucks from and how this was such a great deal and it really is-but you can only order ONE-Alice 5 dollar gift certificate from swagbucks.

Have I thoroughly confused you? Probably-because I have thoroughly confused myself.

Good luck!☺


kb said...

You need to get out more sis!! Love you.

Holly C. said...

Oh, Kimmie-I don't think so.

Love you too!

Rhonda said...

Well, I'll have to check this out! I've earned 5 swagbucks so far-can I use them for Alice purchases? Not really sure how they work yet.

Holly C. said...

When you get twenty swagbucks you can redeem them for a 5 dollar Alice g.c. but only one time, as this must be a promo or something.

Told you it was confusing!

So after you get 20 swagbucks-let me know and I'll help you through it, if you want me to.☺

Jodie said...

i want alice :0)

Holly C. said...

Well-hello there stranger!

Alice will be friends with every one. Just got to sign up and dish out some moola!

Dawnie said...

I think Alice needs to move in with me! I like her already!!!

Kim said...

HI!!Check out my new

Inoureyes said...

I was going to say that you may need to get out a bit too.
Why cant i have alice?
Life is so unfair.
HI!! Check out my old

hmm may need to go lay down for a bit....

Holly C. said...

Kimmie-I'm so excited.

Melissa-I DO check out your old blog-every day!!!☺

Inoureyes said...

Lmao i thought the message from Kim was spam! I get a few "hey check my blog out" replies to my post.
Sorry Kimmie! Happy Birthday too!