Friday, September 4, 2009

Sewing corner down under

So I decided to try to make a little place in my basement for sewing. My house is fairly small and when I try to make something the whole is in shambles and I can't find a darn thing. I already had all this crap stuff in the basement, so I put it to use.

I took the world's ugliest "pc cart" outside and spray painted it "jade". I even sanded the edges a little bit! I took off the keyboard tray and there you have it-my "sewing cart".

The red cart to the left is a cart rescued for me by my daughter from Larry's aunt house. It was about to be trashed and she wanted to bring it home to me. I love it. Glad she did. On the top I sat a crate on one half and a little divided tray thingy on the other half. It holds some of my notions.

I found some super long nails and wedged one in between a beam and that's holding some hoops. One can never have too many hoops.

Also hung a little clothesline so I can hang some good stuff from it.

I recovered my ironing board with a thrifted table cloth and hot glue-too lazy to sew it. I covered my repurposed water squirt bottle with thrifted Contact paper. Cute right?

Here's a close up of my red cart.

I have a thrifted wooden canister set sitting on and in the crate-they're still empty-yay!

The second and third shelf is holding thrifted sheets and t-shirts for future projects (maybe).

Behind this cart is a game table which we bought our daughter for Christmas years ago. Never used. Now I'm using it as a table where I can use my cutting mat. I covered it with a sheet.

I still have a pile of stuff on the floor because I took it off the stuff I'm using (like the cart and game table) and I don't know what to do with it yet. I'll figure it out someday.

I might get a rug and put it under the sewing cart and ironing board-so my fabric doesn't get filthy from the floor.

I hope you liked the tour of my humble little sewing corner down under. Hope this helps the rest of my house-it needs it.☺


Anonymous said...

Cute-I love that cart! The whole place looks nice and looks like you'll be able to get some more work done on those book projects!

Inoureyes said...

Love all the hoops!
...and the fire extinguisher....can't be too careful when sewing

Holly C. said...

Haha-you noticed the fire extinguisher-I wanted to move that bugger but the holder is nailed in-it's not moving. So I shined it up and thought, "At least it's the right color!".

And with the iron there-I just might need the thing someday!☺

Dawnie said...

Oh,that is so cute, Holly. When you set your mind on a project, you get-r-done. It is so sweet and it will be "sew" much easier for you now. You will actually love going to your basement now. Great job!!!!

Holly C. said...

Yes-I have my own little sewing space now.

It feels "sew" good.