Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potholder redo

Have any potholders that are still functional but have seen better days? I do. I thought I try recovering this one.

My friend Dawnie had asked me to make her a potholder. The ones she always uses are really big (she must have bought these at a craft show), and she couldn't just go buy one that big at the store.

So, she gave me one to take home and instead of making a whole new one-I tried recovering it and it turned out pretty good. Then I thought I'd try to recover one of my own.
I traced the potholder (with washable marker-leftover from having a young child days) on the wrong side of one of two pieces of fabric. I cut the two pieces out about an inch bigger than the line.
Then I sewed right sides together about a quarter of an inch outside the line, leaving about two inches or so open. (Nice sewing, huh?)
Then I trimmed off the excess fabric and turned it right side out. I then stuffed my good ol' potholder in the opening. Tried sewing the hole shut about five times with the machine. It looked terrible, "sew" I gave up. Then I took my ruler and washable marker and drew some squares (cause I can't sew a straight line to save my life)and sewed over them. I brought it up from the darkness of my basement and into the light of my dining room to sew the hole shut by hand and thought-this looks kind of like a pumpkin. So I got out the green seam binding and sewed a stem on as I was sewing the hole shut by hand.
Here's my potholder redo and Dawnie's. (See how big?)

I think they turned out pretty cute if I say so myself.

Now I must go clean is so overrated!☻


Anonymous said...

Oh what a good idea. I have so many nice potholders except they look gross - burns, stains, etc. I'll have to try this too.


Anonymous said...

Good Idea!!!

Inoureyes said...

Oh you cheat! its so adorable though. Good job.

Dawnie said...

I love, love, love the potholders! They look amazing. I think it's awesome to give old things a second chance and you did just that with my potholder. Thank you sew much!!!