Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mouse pad-done!

The fourth project is finished from the Handmade Home project. The project in which I will try to make one each of the 33 projects in the book Handmade Home within a year. So far, so good.

This morning I made the mouse pad which was pretty easy. It's basically a 9 x 9 inch piece of material for the back and two pieces equaling 9 x 9 for the front. I used a piece of a thrifted shower curtain and a piece of a sheet. You are supposed iron on fusible interfacing to each of the wrong sides and then zigzag stitch wrong sides together.

Well-I used what I call Wonder Under and I don't think it's fusible interfacing-but I think it still has the same effect-which would be to make your fabric sturdier. But-I ran into problems sewing this up because my needle kept getting sticky and that caused my machine to freeze up. I was almost done-but the sticky needle kept giving me problems. So I did what anyone would do with their mouse pad-I stuck it in the freezer. I thought this would help with the stickiness. While it was in the freezer, I cleaned off my needle. After I was done cleaning the needle I hurried up and took the mouse pad out of the freezer and finished it.

So besides the problem with my sticky needle (I think it was from using the Wonder Under), this was a very easy project.

I tried it out and my mouse works very nicely on my new pad!

*****Four down 29 to go*****


Inoureyes said...

I was going to do this one last weekend but i though the mouse would have problems working on just plain fabric. Good to see it works well. It looks nice

Holly C. said...

Thank you. The pink material 100% cotton, but feels a little like canvas-so it is thicker than normal. So-if you have some heavier than normal material I would go with that. Good luck!

kb said...

Cute...of course Jess's party would be on the 3rd...Her Bday is on the 2nd...why was i thinking it was on the 11th?? Dah, I'm a terrible aunt. Hope's is on the 11th.(february)

Holly C. said...

Jess 2nd, Hope 11th, Patty 15th!

Nope, not a terrible aunt. Just a forgetful one. hehe.☺

kb said...

I bought Jess the cutest tote from Aeropostle last night. It is white with navy blue stipes on it with Aeropostle written down the side. I also got her a navy blue sweatshirt from there. you think she will like it? I hope so.

Rhonda said...

Cute mousepad. Kim, if Jess does not like it, I will take it :-)

Holly C. said...

Oh yes-she'll like it.

Sorry Rhonda!☺