Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom's house

I went to my mom's house today-to do a tiny bit of cleaning, because a tiny bit of cleaning is all she needs.

Mom and Dad got a new deck with a roof over it about 2 weeks ago. Mom is very excited-she's wanted a roof over the deck for a long time.
Mom's hens and chicks in piece of driftwood.
Mr. Bee on Mom's zinnia. He was on a yucky zinnia, so I moved him to a prettier one to make a prettier picture.
Here's Baby Elephant Cookie Jar. She was given to my mom by my grandma a long, long time ago. Today's the first time Mom or I noticed she was a baby. Note the bonnet and bib.
Mom's bistro set and Mom's mums. (Both gifts from Jodie-Well aren't you the good daughter today, Jodie?)
Finally, I drug this hap out to Mom's new swing. I made it for her. (Wait, maybe I'm the good daughter!)

Can you spy my baby in the center? Mom gave me her old grandma t-shirt (now-I don't mean old Grandma, I mean old t-shirt) to use in this hap.

So there you have it-some scenes from Mom and Dad's house. Hope you enjoyed the tour!☺


Inoureyes said...

Mum and Dads house is cute. You did a great job on the quilt. I'm on my first "proper" quilt now. Show did you get it all to line up???

Jodie said...


kb said...

Me too. I would say mom would say we all 3 are good daughters. Love the house mom and dad.

Dawnie said...

Love the new porch and all the beautiful accessories. Love the hap. That just "sets it off" with those beautiful colors!! They are lucky to have such good girls!!!!