Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family sweater hat-done!

The family sweater hat is finished. It didn't take long-maybe 1/2 an hour till I figured it out.

The whole point of the Handmade Home book is to use what you have. But in our home we don't have wool sweaters, because we don't wear them. So I checked the 29 cent racks yesterday at Goodwill and I found about five of them. You should look for at least 90% wool content. Then wash them each by themselves in hot water (oops-I washed them altogether-lots of lint) and then dry in the dryer. That's called felting. It shrinks the knit fibers so they are tight and close together. Then, basically you cut out two pieces of the same pattern piece, sew a couple darts, sew the two pieces together and embellish if desired. I desired. I embellished with another piece of felted wool and a button.

So, I made the infant/toddler size because I can't enlarge on my copier. Now I need an infant to wear it. Wait a minute-no I don't! I can just give it to someone.

To tell you the truth-I don't really like wool. It makes me itchy!☺

Hey-I'm on a roll. Three down 30 to go.


Jodie said...

i love love love it.....soooo cute. i sure could see a sweet little girl in it, but shes not a toddler. i think you know who i mean. ily

Holly C. said...

Do you mean JAW? Nope, not a toddler anymore. Waaaaaaaa!!!!


Cindy said...

Very cute, woudl never think it was a sweater in a former life :) Great job. Wheres the moon?

Holly C. said...


The moon's right here.


Inoureyes said...

Brilliant! You are churning them out pretty fast. Having a give away on my blog. 2 copy's of Hand Made Home to giver away!

Inoureyes said...

Giver away???

Holly C. said...

That's a great prize to giver away!☺

Holly C. said...


Since I already have one, I won't enter.

But-hey everybody else-click on In Our Eyes and leave a comment on the appropriate post for your chance to win!

Anonymous said...

that hat is cute - very nice job - looks very professional!


Dawnie said...

Oh my gosh, when do you find time to do all these awesome projects. Maybe if I ate the breakfast for champions, I could conquer the world, TRIX, here I come.. Remi may let me borrow some. And love the hat. I couldn't picture exactly what you meant, but it turn out awesome.