Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby's fringed play mat-done!

Side one.
Side two.

The 5th project in the Handmade Home Project is finished. It's the baby's fringed play mat.

I used fabric from my stash. The white background polka dot one is a sheet.

I did things a little differently than Amanda does in the book. But that's okay-she says everyone would have their own take on each of the projects.

Amanda made her's with a light colored sheet, cotton batting and a piece of a bedspread. Then you are supposed to get your kids involved and have them make drawings on the top with fabric markers. Cute idea.

I used fabrics from my stash (including a sheet) and a piece of polyester fabric for the center. Also I made it reversible. Even though there's a little pink in the print-I think this would be appropriate for a boy as well as a girl.

See those little "fringes" on the edges of the play mat? If I remember correctly, babies do like to play with little things like this.

So, bring on the baby showers. I'm ready!☺


Jodie said...

i wanna be a baby.....whaaaaaa

kb said...

I am a baby...ha ha...cute...i still like to play with little fringy things. :)

Holly C. said...

You guys are silly!

Dawnie said...

Oh, that is so cute. I love the colors and the fringes too!!