Monday, September 7, 2009

Art and hooks rack-done!

Project number two is done! It's the art and hooks rack, one of three non-sewing projects in the book, Handmade Home.

Here's what I did-

::Looked around for a piece of wood-I found an unused shelf from a little particle board bookcase we have in my daughter's room, in my closet.

::I taped it off with painter's tape and took the green spray paint to it.

::Glued a piece of ribbon along the center

::When we went to lunch after church, I had my niece draw a couple doodles on the back of a paper placemat. I painted them with kid's water color paints, cut them out, and glued under and on them with wood glue. (I don't recommend using wood glue.)

::Hammered a picture hook the the back.

::I drilled two holes part way in the particle board and then hammered two nails (painted white) in the holes.

:Finally, I hot glued buttons to the nail heads.

::Done, done-stick a fork in me I'm done.

Things I did wrong-

::I tried to rush it-I ended up messing up the paint because it wasn't dry and then I had to touch up-taking twice as long as it could have.

::I used wood glue. Instead of taking the time to go find craft glue, I used wood glue and it just didn't work very nicely.

::When I was nailing the picture hook on the back, I boogered up the art work on the front. Should have done the back first.

Two projects down 31 to go in "The Handmade Home Project"

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

Very cute Holly you are so talented. and I like your new header.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessie!


Dawnie said...

I like your new header too. Your project turned out so cute!! Can't wait to see what all you will be making. Thanks, Jessie, for finding my pumpkin at Goodwill. I already found a home for him. And thanks for letting Liam stay a night at camp with Adrion. He loved it. Sorry, Holly, to use your lovely blog to blab. But I guess I should thank you for providing a way for us all to stay in touch. By the way, my favorite thing about camp was reading the book you loaned me, "Light from Heaven" by Jan Karon. It was totally awesome as always.

Holly C. said...

Thanks. And feel free to blab any time!

Glad you got time to read.☺

kb said...

I like the new header. Thanks for the fun time at Goodwill yesterday and thanks for listening to my boy troubles. Love ya.

Dawnie said...

Hey, it's me again. Kim said she wanted us all to come down to Butler and go out to eat. Why don't we plan a day or evening and load up and go. What do you think?

Holly C. said...

Sounds good. We'll have to do this in the near future. Hello Salvation Army, Goodwill, and St Vincent De Paul!☺

kb said...

Good Food, Good times, Good thrifty deals!