Friday, March 6, 2009


I had torn out an article about an artist named Mary Teeter from a Country Living magazine-February 2000. (I do that if I see something I really like because I figure I won't be able to find it again. Then I put all my articles in a folder.) I was leafing through my folder last year sometime and I thought I would look up Mary Teeter (she makes art with buttons) on the internet, to see if you could buy her art. You can buy it here and here. Well, I love it, but it's too pricey for me, so I made my own. Obviously, mine's not nearly as nice as Mary's, but it only cost a dollar or two.

I bought the frame at Goodwill. The fabric is cut from an old quilt top. I put a piece of batting behind it. I wish I would have embroidered the text more neatly, but I
didn't feel like doing it over, so it had to do.

This lovely, little piece lives in our downstairs bathroom.


Holly C. said...

i love your work. you are an artist.

Holly C. said...

oh holly, you are signed in to google on daves silly girl...let me see if i can fix this.

Jodie said... that better.

Jodie said...


Jodie said...

hey, wait a minute......that means you were taking a break while working at my house yesterday.....ahhhhh bad computer breaks!!!!

Holly C. said...

Pretty please-while I'm waiting for the dryer or while Young and the Restless is on. Pretty please!!!

Rhonda said...

Holly, that is too cute! You should make those and sell them!