Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere

Bunny salt and pepper shakers on top of a bunny egg plate. My dear neighbor was cleaning her cupboards and this was in a box to go to Goodwill. Her kids had already gone through this box and this was still there. She told me I could have whatever I wanted, I thought this was so cute, so I took it home.

Bunny soaps. Have I mentioned I love soaps? I stole these from my sister.

Bunny hanger-displaying the tiny sleeper I brought my baby home in. I try to remember how tiny she was. (That's hard.)

Bunny table. Dawnie gave this to Goodwill when she needed to clear out her basement and fast.
It sat at Goodwill for 20 bucks for a month. I scarfed it up when it went to 10 cents. I'm glad it's in my home-instead of a stranger's. I love it-but told Dawnie she could have back any time. She doesn't want it-so I guess I have to keep it. Yipee!!!!!

Bunny tin. I got this from my mom one year for Easter with candy in it. I love the colors. I keep it out all year.

Apparently I have a bunny fetish, and I didn't even know it.
One good thing about taking pictures and putting them on my blog-I'm forced to clean up my dust bunnies. (I crack myself up!)


Rhonda said...

You are too funny. You make my day!!

Holly C. said...

I'm so glad!

Jodie said...

ARE YOU SURE YOUR NOT ON "CRACK"????? i crack myself up tooooooo......LOLOLOLOLOLO

ps...dave will be glad you posted. he is addicted to you. cant blame him

Anonymous said...

I"m glad you posted too. I was bummed all week that I had to wait until now. You make me laugh.