Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Storage solutions...

for a small space. And I have a fairly small space.

I love these magnetic spice holders. I think I got these at Ollies. I think I first saw them on Sara's blog. She uses them for spices. I use them for paperclips, staples, tacks, fall sprinkles, etc. cause I don't use spices very often, cause I don't cook very often. You get the picture! They're on my new red microwave right now. Hope it doesn't hurt it. They do leave black marks from the magnets, on whatever you place them on. I am going to cover the magnets with paper or fabric someday.

Did you know you could buy colored staples??? Well, you can!


Anonymous said...

i think i have some of these, but mine dont look this pretty. you sure are creative.

Holly C. said...

Why thank you, JODIE!