Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My love..........

is 17 today.

Can someone please tell me how 'Never leave your child unattended' turns into 'Here are the keys, kid. Be home before curfew', so quickly??????????? It's just not right!

Anyhoo. Here are a couple things you may not know about my daughter:

1. She has never, ever carried a purse.
2. She acts just like her dad
3. She acts tough, but let me state for the record, she is not.
4. She spends almost 2 hours getting ready.
5. She drains the hot water tank, every, single day, while taking a shower. That girl is clean!
6. When she was little, she called Oreos, 'black cookies'.
7. She would only use a blue cup or take a fit, when she was little.
8. She loves her mommy, even though she won't admit it.
9. If she ever reads this, she will be mad. Cause she hates mushy.

Let me also state for the record, that I love this girl with all my heart. (So does her dad, but he doesn't talk about feelings-I told you she acted just. like. him.)

Thank you Lord, for my wonderful daughter.

Happy 17th birthday to my baby girl!

I guess that wasn't too mushy.


Anonymous said...

Happee Birfday Hoper !!!

Anonymous said...

all i had to do was read this one for a big smile....i am still smiling. she is my love too. oooohhhh i cant get enough of her. i cannot believe she is almost all grown up. i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hoper michelle. love you love you love you. and i know you love me too. happy 17th sweet niece. love you....aunt jodie

Anonymous said...


r said...

I hope she had a happy birthday! I like what you said about how fast they grow up-too true!
Yes, the photography is outstanding! I'm guessing that was Jodie????? Just a guess:-)

Holly C. said...

r-you are right. Jodie was the photographer. Well, for the first set! Oh, and I see someone used a bad word!

Anonymous said...

it made me get all teary