Monday, February 9, 2009


My beautiful niece, Jess!

Here are some facts you may not know about Jess:

1. She cut her hair and gave it to charity twice.
2. She has two doggies-named Checkers and Mok.
3. She wants a pug really badly.
4. She loves anything electronic with buttons.
5. She has the coolest office ever!
6. She's a good, good girl.
7. She's baptized.
8. She loves me and I love her!


Anonymous said...

oh my heavens. she is just gorgeous. i am in love with her already. ooooh i love the picture. great photographer. she is just adorable. i could eat her up. matter of fact, i think i WILL go eat her up and tell her its time to get ready for school. thanks for the great post, but you forgot to mention she loves her mommy too. hee hee

Anonymous said...

shez OSUM coz she haz an OSUM dad !!! - so i hear !

Holly C. said...

Jess loves her mommy and daddy very much too.

Her brother, not so much. (really she does.)

Anonymous said...

no i really dont like him.