Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo journaling

Daytime moon from a few weeks ago.

My sister asked me to tear apart one of her rugs and make her two smaller ones.  This got me to pick up my crochet hook again after about nine months.

There's a handsome big boy outside my door.

A new rug!  I gave this shabby chic one to a friend.

And then I went nuts with the rug making.  I have the calluses to prove it.  There are even more after these ones.  I'll take pics of them individually later.  Maybe.  

Found feather

I kept it.

Honey bee on my aunt's purple cone flower (echinacea)

More of my aunt's flowers

A big moth I found hanging upside down

I ordered this pound of dry mustard (I'm not messing around with those little two ounce cans anymore) from Amazon so I could make some sour refrigerator pickles.  I'm excited about this yellow and red tin too!

Wildflower bouquet

I found this picture of my back and my daughter's shoes on my camera.  (From when we were taking pics of the city.)
Have a great weekend, everybody!


This is Sophie-my sister, Kim's, kitty.  She's a pretty little lady.


This is my newest grandkitty-Baby Puss.  She's such a precious, tiny little thing.

 She's a siamese mix-just look at those eyes!
Puss Puss and Baby Puss-I think they are going to be great friends! (That noise is traffic!)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo journaling-sunrise/evening

Some photos from the last few weeks:
The clouds mimic the trees-sunrise




Wildflower collage

Flowers from the field-yep!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Patrick's fireworks!

My nephew, Patrick, loves his fireworks! He put on a nice show on the 4th of July for a few of his family and friends.
Patrick (age 13 and then age 20) with his beloved fireworks.

The grand finale!!! Thanks, Pat-good show!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo journaling (and a video!)

Some photos from the last few weeks and a video!

~~~~~~Some corners~~~~~~
My neighbor gave me a bunch of thread!

I finally did some cleaning up-this place was a pig sty!

Another cleaned up corner

Thank goodness for wildflowers 'cause I didn't plant any tame ones!  

~~~~~My daughter's cat~~~~~
Mr. Puss-enjoying the beautiful day

Mr. Puss-enjoying...ummmmmm???

Look at what we got at Trader Joe's!
Here are some other good things from Trader Joe's!  (Mary, I took your advice and bought some scones-delicious!)

A rose in the woods-at least I think it was a rose.  It smelled like a rose-I know because I stopped and smelled it!

A flag in a cemetary on the 4th of July

One of the frogs in my sister's pool.  I love listening to them.

Handsome Rocco looking out the glass sliding door.
The beautiful city of Pittsburgh-view from atop Mount Washington.  My daughter's been wanting to take me there, and she did the other night.

And finally, Buddy walks again!!!  (In case you didn't know-Buddy is my parents' dog and his hind legs were paralyzed from an accident he had just running around the yard.  He had spinal surgery a few weeks ago.)  He started taking a few steps on Father's Day-what a great gift for my dad.  This video was taken on June 20th.  He's still wobbly, but seems to be getting stronger every day.  Yay!

Have a great weekend everybody!